Developer Tools

Some of the key target user groups of the project are web commissioners and web developers. For them with providing this section a set of tools that can help them to implement web accessibility. In the following you will find descriptions, specifications, videos and screencasts, tutorials, etc.

How i2web can help developers, accessibility experts and web commissioners?

i2web has worked with web developers, accessibility experts and commissioners to determine the current support they provide for accessibility and where there are opportunities for improvement by conducting surveys, interviews and observations with over 100 practitioners.  Based on this deep understanding, i2web is developing its EASI (Evaluation of Accessibility Support & Integration) tools to support the creation of accessible websites and Web 2.0 applications.

The EASI tools for developers are focused on understanding their mental models and language and integrating accessibility testing into the workflows they already undertake in their development processes.  Accessibility support and advice is focused at the level of web content, allowing developers to undertake both formative and summative evaluations of accessibility with the assistance of automatic and semi-automatic testing tools.

For web accessibility experts, the EASI tools support evaluations of a user’s journey through a Web 2.0 application, and help them manage their testing practices to improve reliability throughout their evaluations.

The project is providing EASI tools to commissioners that allows them to track the accessibility of their Web 2.0 applications over time.  It allows them to have an overview of what pages are likely to cause users trouble in using a website, but provides that information abstracted away from the technical details of how the website was developed and tested.